June 2016

Our next information day is after the Summer break –beginning of October 2016

If you would like to come along –please advise Sue using   suerix@btinternet.com  There is no charge for this day which lasts from 11am-3pm and is held near Manchester or Leeds or Liverpool according to enquirers locality.

Lesley from Yorkshire and Bea from Madrid are volunteering in Villa El Salvador, Lima,Peru

Lesley writes …..I thought you would like to hear how we are getting on. 

Beatrice is already very busy.  She is working 6 mornings a week at the medical centre, San Martin de Porres.  They are making good use of her knowledge and skills.  She will be 4 afternoons at the school Fe y Alegria helping with six year old children until 6pm.  She is already very confident getting to and from the medical centre and the school on her own…………

I will be at the Taytacos meeting for the elderly people on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the afternoon.  Bea is going to come on Friday afternoons and help me to talk with some of the people there as I am very interested in them and their personal histories.

On Monday and Wednesday mornings I am going to do hand massage in the physio department and on Mondays and Wednesdays I am going to be with the mothers and babies from 4pm until 7pm. and hopefully teach them something about baby massage.

Everyone makes us very welcome and we are very comfortable here……….

 May 2016
Volunteers, family and Core group at “Sending Forth” meeting.