Application Process


If you have this burning desire, we ask you to complete the registration-form-2017-18 . This lets us know basic things about your suitability to do with your health, language skills and experience. It also provides you with the opportunity to check us out without any binding commitment.

Following successful registration we will invite you to the next stage……..

Exploration Day

Explore the pros and cons of volunteering. Learn more about how, why and where we work and consider whether you can contribute. Is the experience we offer right for you? Explore your own motives for volunteering.

Character References Sought

At this stage we ask you to provide names of referees, people who know you well. Remember to ask the person whose name you give before giving it to us.

Informal Interview

Subject to satisfactory references we will invite you for an  interview.

The purpose of the interview is for you and us to be certain that one of our communities and you are compatible.

Our aim is for this shared experience to be mutually beneficial.

Medical References Sought

Following a successful interview we will ask your permission to seek a reference from your GP. Again it helps the GP if you let her/him know we will be making contact.

This is to make sure that you have good general health and that you can cope physically and mentally with your role and responsibilities as a volunteer.

Disclosure and Barring Service (CRB)

Safeguarding you as a volunteer and members of our communities is a top priority.

We must ensure that you are able to work appropriately with the young. the elderly and vulnerable people of all types and ages. All our staff, volunteers and Sisters undergo this checking procedure.

A successful outcome will mean that:

  • You are now ready to sign your volunteer agreement and make plans for your departure.
  • You should have the bulk of your funding in place
  • You will know which one of our communities your placement will be with and for how long.
  • You will have established a dialogue with this community via E-mail
  • Your command of Spanish will be good enough to hold conversations and to communicate effectively. You will attend a final Orientation session to prepare you for departure.

Volunteer Placement Begins

At the end of this process you will be ready and equipped to become a volunteer in action.

Orientation Process Completed

  • Departure from the UK or Ireland
  • Arrival and Induction into your placement community.
  • Your mentor will welcome you and will be there to support you throughout your placement. They will make sure that you are settled into your accommodation and help you to start work.


On your return to the UK you will continue to be a valuable member of “our family” It is often difficult to readjust to life back “home”. We will be there to help you cope and manage your return. We also want to share your experience and learn from you. This will help us to maintain the highest standards possible and to evaluate our programme for the benefit of the host communities and future volunteers.

Support future volunteers

We may ask you to participate in Information and Exploration Days and Orientation Programmes for new volunteers from time to time. You and your lived experience is a vital and valuable resource. We hope that you will be willing to share this with others who aspire to follow in your footsteps.