YOU could be changing peoples lives for the better

Camino Nursery 002

We have five communities on the outskirts of Buenos Aires and one further afield in Corrientes.

The volunteering period would be from the end of February through to the beginning of December.

We have a great emphasis on the accompaniment of youth in their personal development at physical, spiritual, psychological, intellectual and social levels through:

  • Sports; hockey, football, boxing and taekwondo.
  • Workshops; wood-carving, electricity, gas, music, computers, photography, cookery, guitar and singing, dealing with problems of drugs and violence.

In these Latin-American countries Spanish is the spoken language but because our Sisters’ communities are nationality-wise mixed (Chileans, Peruvians, Argentinians, English and Irish) it is not uncommon for some of us to be bilingual (Spanish and English).

Nevertheless it is important that prospective volunteers learn to speak and understand Spanish, otherwise the lived experience is limited.

Volunteering work can be interspersed with breaks into the city of Buenos Aires or other magnificent places of interest.

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