Could you see yourself volunteering in the photos below

 Anne Cotter showing the way with Music, Computing skills, Drama, Hairdressing, Food Preparation, Exercise, Keeping Fit and Sewing and Handcraft

Through the Eyes of Women Cotter 83


In the photos —Women and Children who learn together and have fun !

So many opportunities for the Volunteer to join in and work and learn from these beautiful people of Chile

Do a little reading about this evolving country and then contact us to find out if this is a place where you would like to spend a little of your life –up to 1 year —-the opportunity for a transformative experience awaits you

In these Latin-American countries Spanish is the spoken language but because our Sisters’ communities are nationality-wise mixed (Chileans, Peruvians, Argentinians, English and Irish) it is not uncommon for some of us to be bilingual (Spanish and English).

Nevertheless it is important that prospective volunteers learn to speak and understand Spanish, otherwise the lived experience is limited.

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